Tuition Information


Tuition for 2024-2025
We will be offering a 5 days/week program for all students during the 2024-2025 school year. Our program can become full at any time during the open enrollment window, should this be the case we will open a waitlist. The priority of the Waiting List is determined by order of application date.

Parents will have the option to reduce the number of days their child(ren) attends school, however, there is only one tuition structure.  

Payment and Fees
Parents can make a one-time payment or enroll in our 10-month payment plan. 

One-Time Payment for the full school year’s tuition may be a preferred method of payment to avoid any monthly late fees. 

10-Month Payment Plan - First monthly payment is due July 1, the last monthly payment is due April 1. Each monthly payment covers 18 School Days (not including holidays, school closure dates, Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, or Staff Development Days). All monthly payments will be the same; the first month’s payment may be adjusted depending on the student’s start date.

Month AM Half Day
8:30 am - 11:30 am
Full Day
$6,790 $13,580
July $679 $1,358
August $679 $1,358
September $679 $1,358
October $679 $1,358
November $679 $1,358
December $679 $1,358
January $679 $1,358
February $679 $1,358
March $679 $1,358
April $679 $1,358


One Time - Payment Plan (2024-2025)

Tuition Due Date Enrollment Coverage Dates
August 1 August 14, 2024 - May 29, 2025

* For families who enroll after the first day of school, the One-time Payment Plan will be adjusted and prorated to reflect the actual tuition dates used.

10-Month Payment Plan (2024-2025)

Tuition Due Date Enrollment Coverage
July 1 August 14 - September 9
August 1 September 10 - October 3
September 1 October 4 - October 29
October 1 October 30 - December 2
November 1 December 3 - January 9
December 1 January 10 - February 6
January 1 February 7 - March 6
February 1 March 7 - April 8
March 1 April 9 - May 2
April 1 May 3 - May 29

All tuition dates mentioned above refer to school days only.

There are one-hundred eighty (180) calendar school days in a school year. Each of the individual 10-Month Payment Plan months covers eighteen (18) school days, including all minimum days.

All holidays and non-student days are excluded from cost and coverage.

Although the Temple City Early Learning Academy (TCELA) may offer care during non-student days, (such as Staff Development Day, Spring Break and Summer) attendance during these days will come at an additional to-be-determined cost to families. Enrollment/registration for non-student days is not included in the regular TCELA tuition dates and therefore, families are not guaranteed attendance space during these dates. More information for these dates will be released during the school year as the dates approach.

Holidays Closed

Labor Day September 2
Veteran's Day November 11
Thanksgiving Break November 25-29
Winter Break December 23 - January 3
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday January 20
Staff Development Day January 29
President's Day Holiday February 10 and 17
Spring Break (TBD) March 24-28
Memorial Day Holiday May 26